Manheim Turkey

The market leader in used car auctions in Turkey.

Manheim Turkey is open to all brands. The vehicles sold in the professional auctions are provided with the guarantee of Manheim Turkey. The member dealers come from numerous cities throughout Turkey.

With auctions open to every automobile manufacturer from any brand and category, leasing companies, rental, banks, insurance, company fleet, and dealers, Manheim Turkey creates a difference in the sector with its transparency and fairness to all.


Company Profile:

A Borusan Group company, Otomax was established in 2001 as Turkey's first internet-based multi branded second hand car buying and selling services. In 2004, Otomax initiated its Private Auctions, and thus became an alternative center for dealers and authorized sellers for used vehicles.

In 2008 it was rolled into a joint venture with the world's leading provider of vehicle remarketing auctions, Manheim, and Borusan Manheim was formed. It has since achieved the position of being the leading second hand car marketing company in Turkey selling over 20,000 vehicles a year.


To be the leading, most innovative, and first choice in used car remarketing, to be the market reference.


Remarketing used cars from all kind of suppliers to dealer members, by providing best value, guaranteed title, ease of selling, transparency, fast capital returns, and pre/post auction support in a trusted market place via trustworthy transactions by an experienced and engaged organization. 


Physical Auction: weekly in İstanbul– Tuzla, Wed/Fri 

Simulcast: Access physical auctions via internet and bid simultaneously with physical attendants

CyberStock: Access to vehicles auctioned online during a specific fixed period of time

CyberAuction: Access live online auctions; vehicles presented with pictures, and bid simultaneously with other online attendants

Mobile Auction: Vehicles are auctioned on a vendors own site and buyers bid via Simulcast

Only Manheim Turkey members who are independent and franchised dealers can buy vehicles from the auctions. Vehicles that are auctioned are mostly provided by fleet owners and fleet rental companies, financial corporations, insurance companies, dealers, franchised dealers and consumers.

Body inspection, pricing, logistic support, title transfer services and payment and transfer services are also provided by Manheim Turkey.


Otomax, launched in 2014, is set up as a separate stand-alone business, which purchases used cars from private sellers and distributes  them through Manheim to our professional buyers. Customers use the online valuation tool and make the appointment for inspection to sell their cars fast and with same day payment.

This creates an important profit opportunity for our customers.