Five channels in Europe - One website

More ways to win....

Five channels in Europe - One website

How it works

Manheim uses API technology to access CarNext and retrieve stock. Sales are created and maintained by LeasePlan, who give Manheim access to the stock – images, documentation and condition reports. Manheim replicates the sale in all detail.

A robot continuously updates both systems to reflect the current offer price.

At the sales end you know as highest bidder, you have won the vehicle. Manheim will send a purchase confirmation to confirm the binding purchase. No more waiting for days to hear back on a high bid.

Manheim will invoice you directly for the vehicle and send you your pick up notification. You pick up the vehicle in the normal way.

Simultaneous Bidding Sales Process

The LeasePlan Group offers the remarketing of its LP group company cars through several channels. One of those channels is its own international remarketing platform, administered by CNI. Manheim as a partner is a third party channel. Manheim is allowed “simultaneous bidding” on its auction platform, the Real-Time Marketplace. This means the same car offered by the CNI auction platform will also be offered on the Real-Time Marketplace of Manheim – at the exact same time.

Two sales transactions

If the vehicle is sold on the Real-time Marketplace, two sales transactions occur:

  1. LP sells to Manheim as buyer
  2. Manheim resells to Manheim buyer

The terms and conditions of the sale between LP and Manheim are governed by an exclusive contract between Manheim and LP. The terms and conditions of Manheim govern the second transaction between Manheim and its buyer.