Five channels in Europe - One website

More ways to win....

Five channels in Europe - One website

Using our award winning Simulcast system, trade buyers and sellers can participate in live auctions via their mobile phone, tablet or PC.  This innovative technology lets buyers see and hear all the action on their screens as if they were standing right there in the lane.

Simulcast users can even watch several auctions at once, communicate with the auctioneer in real-time using instant message, make bids online with a single click or screen stroke and compete for stock with buyers who are physically present at the auction.

Best of all, this can be done from almost any location as Simulcast broadcasts live auctions to mobiles, tablets and PCs on forecourts, service bays, sales offices and even 43,000ft up in the air in a plane.  Yes, really!

As a buyer you can browse for stock using the online catalogue which has full vehicle details, multiple images and detailed condition reports.  And if you’re short of time you can place proxy bids before the auction and leave the system to bid for you.  With so many benefits, it’s clear to see why Simulcast is becoming more and more popular with bidders and buyers.